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Foster Individual and Collective Growth in the New World of Work

The desire to be part of something greater, to belong, to add value is innate within each of us. Every person, in every organisation, has the potential to grow and achieve more, but how do you unlock that potential? We work with individuals, teams and leaders to uncover and embrace each individual’s unique potential.

What we do

Unlock the Greatness in People and Teams

When it comes to ensuring a culture of growth and innovation, in workplaces that feel safe and inclusive, no one programme fits all. We’ll create and deliver a programme to meet your unique needs. We will listen to understand, help translate learning into action and then into sustained behavioural change.


Supporting Individual Growth

We partner with individuals keen to grow in self-awareness and in self-regulation, leading to a confident understanding of their unique talents, sense of purpose, belief system and career desires

  • Greater self-awareness.
  • Understanding of strengths and weaknesses.
  • A clearer sense of purpose in the workplace.
  • Showing up in a confident and authentic way.
Programmes & tools include
  • Insights Discovery for Individuals.
  • Unlocking Leadership Potential for Women.
  • Change and Transformation Management.
  • Coaching Conversations.

Building Effective Team Relationships

Diverse teams, with respectful relationships, are more productive and create a better working environment…for everyone. We build trust with teams, promoting psychological safety, ensuring equal voice, navigating challenging dynamics and aligning on behaviours, goals and commitments that feed team cohesion and performance.

  • Openness and Trust.
  • Increased Productivity & Innovative Thinking.
  • Individual, Team and Cultural Understanding.
  • Greater Pride in being Part of the Team.


Programmes & tools include
  • Insights Discovery for Teams.
  • Transforming Meetings – The Thinking Environment (Nancy Kline).
  • Crucial Conversations for Team Performance.
  • Influencing Stakeholders & Communicating with Impact.
  • Experiential Team Learning Activities.

Promoting Inclusive and Inspiring Leadership

Leaders touch the lives of so many people – employees, clients and communities – they too need support.  We provide leaders with the space to think deeply about how they show up and interact with the world to guarantee that each employee feels ownership for the organisation and its vital work.

  • Ability to Articulate the Journey Forward – the ‘What’ and the ‘How’.
  • Role Modelling the Best Behaviours for the Organisation.
  • A deeper awareness of who I am and my impact on other people.
  • The principles and values guiding my life.
Programmes & tools include
  • Transformational Leadership.
  • Unlocking Leadership Potential for Women.
  • Executive 1-1 Coaching.
  • Emotional Intelligence Assessment – EQi.
  • 360 Assessment and Feedback.

Transforming Organisational Culture

Organisations are made up of diverse, unique individuals – all of whom need to feel like they belong. We help organisations to open real conversations, shift mindsets, nurture diversity and foster innovation. For a more dynamic, more productive and more inclusive culture.

  • Deeper Listening.
  • Greater Belonging.
  • Clearer Communication.
  • Increased Performance.
Programmes & tools include
  • Leading Me, Leading Team, Leading Organisation.
  • Crucial Conversations for Team Performance.
  • Change and Transformation Leadership.
  • Coaching Conversations for Leaders.
  • Experiential Team Building Activities.



These are extraordinary times we live and work in. Confusing, but full of possibilities. The opportunity is in front of each of us to forge a vibrant and more inclusive path forward.

Elaine Gennery, Director
Our Tools

We use a broad spectrum of highly validated assessments, to gather data on hard and soft skills, enabling organisations and individuals to make effective development decisions. Some popular assessments include:


A memorable model that uses colour to raise self-awareness, helping people understand their style, strengths and value to the team.  Individuals will gain a common language that has wide-ranging benefits, including connecting colleagues across geographical and cultural boundaries and providing a safe platform for feedback conversations.

The Thinking Environment

A philosophy that encourages creativity and innovative problem-solving in teams and organisations.  At the heart of this approach is the need to establish the conditions for the freshest thinking to surface.  The techniques ensure everyone has a voice at the table and wisdom emerges.

EQ-i Measuring Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is critical for building and maintaining positive relationships, resolving conflict and building resilience.  This assessment (individual and 360) is an excellent way to get a picture of how leaders operate emotionally, areas of strength and potential areas for development. And there are many ways to develop EQ competencies.

About us

Organisations are keenly aware of the need to embrace difference, stimulate performance, and encourage creative thinking; ultimately ensuring an environment that people are very proud to represent.

We are honoured to partner with such organisations. Established in 2007, we are a trusted coaching and people development partner for many global and Irish organisations across the pharma, biotech, medical device, technology and professional services sectors. The client relationships we established over the last 15 years still remain strong today.

Our Team

We embrace difference

Each member of the team at Career Vision has united through a shared belief that a working environment should be a place that embraces difference, strives for great performance and is a place people are proud to be part of. We are a team of dedicated and empathetic professionals with diverse backgrounds and high standards, who take pride in the success of your business and your people. We are a female-led business who demonstrate an honest and real approach with our clients.

Elaine Gennery

Coach, Facilitator and Learning & Development Strategist, Elaine brings over 25 years’ experience supporting a broad range of global and Irish organisations. She has deep experience coaching diverse teams, senior leaders and aspiring female leaders. Elaine is certified in a number of psychometric assessments and holds a MSc in Career Management & Counselling and a BA in Human Resources.

Cathriona O'Keeffe
Facilitator & Coach

Cathriona has over 15 years’ experience working as a trusted HR Professional, Facilitator and Coach. She brings a very considered and empathetic manner, building deep trust with client.  Cathriona is Insights Discovery accredited and holds a BSc in Psychology and a MA in Human Resources.

Aine Barry
Facilitator & Coach

A training and development specialist, Aine has over 25 years’ experience in Human Resources, working in both internal and external roles. She is a high energy coach and facilitator, encouraging teams and individuals to achieve stretch goals.  Aine is Insights Discover accredited and holds a MSc in Personal & Management Coaching, a Dip in Human Resources and a BA in Psychology.

Orla Gennery
Learning & Development Partner

An advocate for the value of instilling a positive culture in the workplace, Orla has a strong passion for diversity, equity and inclusion with an emphasis on the ‘glocalisation’ of corporate DEI policies to meet local needs. Certified as an Insights Discovery practitioner, she works with our clients as a learning and development partner and workshop facilitator. Orla holds a BA in Corporate Law and a MSc in Human Resources (1st).

The Career Vision team are simply a breath of fresh air, sharing valuable team development concepts and hands-on application in our complex organisation.

I have found Elaine a compassionate and challenging coach, especially at times of transition and change – both from a business and career perspective.  She has the ability to ask the right questions, ensuring I focus on where I, as a leader, can make a real and sustained difference.
Head of Global Manufacturing, BioTech Organisation.

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