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Biotechnology Team Development

A major Biopharmaceutical company in Ireland, with a plan to double the size of its existing facility, add 250 new employees and maintain its positive culture and outstanding safety record, resulted in a very successful three-year-long collaboration on Team Development with CareerVision, from 2017 to 2020.

CareerVision helped the 250+ employees to assimilate into their new working environment, play to their strengths and navigate an expansion which would eventually support patients for immunology and oncology treatments.

This same BioPharma organisation is now undergoing a further complex expansion in 2022 with the creation of 100+ further jobs. A live project, within a live site, requires incredible commitment from all team members to ensure the safe and effective delivery of product to patients, all without downtime to the existing live facility!

Our partnership role with this organisation continues to focus on accelerating individual and team understanding in a way that promotes clear and concise communications, respect for difference and encourages innovative problem-solving. We create physical or virtual spaces where these technical teams of engineers and scientists are able to come together to understand the eclectic mix of personality preferences and strengths that exist amongst their co-workers.

Team development can of course happen naturally, but large and diverse teams working on complex tasks in the biopharmaceutical world can lead to struggles beyond the project. Tight schedules, intense collaborative review processes and time-bound deliverables can result in frustrations amongst teams in these stringent environments. These frustrations are often compounded by an inability to understand co-workers’ perspectives or how to communicate effectively across functions and boundaries.

Through the use of psychometric assessments to speedily gather accurate data on each individual and fun team experiential activities that drive learning through the head, hand and heart, participants can temporarily break away from the constraints of everyday life and appreciate what each person brings to the team. These stress-free, fun supportive days are in fact microcosms of the group dynamics in real life and can powerfully capture participants’ attention and mirror the behaviours that are shown in the participant’s everyday lives. This context provides a safe place for team members to understand the cause and effect of their own and others’ behaviours.

It is within these team development spaces that team members better understand themselves, focus on prioritising human connections, and value the core principles that make up successful team performance.

In Feb 2022, over 50 team members met online to better understand personality preferences across the team – understanding what feeds their best performance and what causes them stress on the project. Some outputs were beautifully captured with the very creative help of Scriberia who brought visual life to the virtual team thinking…live in the zoom room.

Then, in Sept 2022, 100+ team members gathered for a warm and engaging team development workshop in Pairc Ui Chaoimh, Cork, Ireland.